About Us

About Us

AMPS provides in-home services, at the office or wherever we are needed. With Covid-19 continuing to be a hardship for many, we can help ease some of the stress that comes along with getting lab work done. No more wait time! No more long lines! And no more putting yourself or loved ones at risk!

We specialize in serving all ages. Whether immune compromised, home-bound or simply want lab work done privately in the comfort of their own home.


Our vision is to ease the process of getting lab work done convenient and personal by bringing the lab to you. With over 14 years experience in the healthcare field, Our expertise and compassion for our clients will keep our vision alive.


AMPS mission is to fill the void in the rapidly growing healthcare field with our mobile lab services, bringing the lab directly to you. Eliminating long wait times and a more discreet way to get lab work done.


“Changing lives one lab at at a time”